First day of M001: MongoDB Basics

So today the free online course started. It was a series of videos, mainly showing the Compass tool (A GUI to the DB), while explaining the data structure. Basically on you have a cluster of databases, in each database there is a number of collections, each collection has a number of documents and each document has a field and each field has a value type, that could also be a document an array.

So an example for instance was:
database: videos
collection: movies
a given document in the collection:
_id: int32
cast: array
similarMovies: document

The course is split into four chapters, one for each week with the fourth chapter being the exam. I completed the entire chapter one, including lab assignments easily and within an hour. The lab assignments have to be submitted within 7 days but this week was definitely no challenge. Each of them consisted of a single multiple choice question that required you to make use of the Compass tool to find the answer in the databases. For instance it could be, how many movies was directed by “Jan Jansen” or similar.

I certainly did learn something, but I hope the course will also dive into using actual code, as this merely seems like a walk through of their product.

The next chapter is made available next Tuesday. Until then I suppose I will look more into the MERN and MEAN tutorial, and maybe start slowly to experiment with saving Blog data in a database via Node.

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