Get to work!

So.. It’s difficult to get started with the actual coding. It’s not unexpected. Today i had set time aside for working on the blog project, but it never came to much more than research and it little design speculation.

I started reading the 4th article in the tutorial I’m following about the Angular part of the MEAN stack.

It got into explaining the setup of Typescript, which I fear is not up to date. I looked at the Typescript website and they had many guides as to how to setup Typescript for many different environments, which was a bit overwhelming.

At first i need to focus on creating a RESTful server with Node and Express. It really seems doable.

I wrote down what requests i would like to have and what data i believe they should carry. I think security will be an issue, but i will just worry about it later.

The requests I’d like are:

Request x newest documents skipping y documents.

Request document by ID

Update/create document by ID

Delete document by ID

My goal is to have a basic version of the server running tonight.