MongoDB university and focusing on the basics.

So it’s been a week since my last update. Time went pretty fast, I’ve been busy with other things in life. I never finished that Nodes Express blog server app I mentioned last post. I made some progress with the skeleton from the MEAN/MERN tutorial. I attempted to copy over few things at a time and write just one of my REST commands. I never got to test it though, I had troubles navigating the Express part of the installation that required a html view, which i’m not really interested in migrating from the tutorial yet. In fact I would prefer to start without a html interface and just use curl commands against the server.

So to remedy this situation I have decided to focus even more on the basics and start looking into the Express basic tutorials. Hopefully that will enable me to navigate the Blog project and determine how to include what i want and need.

Today I continued with the MongoDB university course, week 2. It was a nice walk through of the Mongo shell client. With which you can query the mongodb databases.
I learned about the CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) commands.
Mongodb has InsertOne, InsertMany, UpdateOne, UpdateMany, RemoveOne, RemoveMany functions that all use a filter to find one of many documents and operates on them. To operate it uses operators such as $set or $addtoarray. Besides the filter and operators you can also specify some additional parameters. Such is Upsert. Upsert = true in a Update command will create the document if there is none all ready that matches the filter.

The course still seems pretty simple, the lab tests this time required some console work, but were quick to accomplish. I’m looking forward to the last chapter of the course next week.