MongoDB University course completed and more posts to come..

So it’s been a while since the last post, it’s Summer! but i havn’t been completely idle. Since the last post I:

– completed the MongoDB University course, which will be the topic of this post.

– started working with Node and Express to experiment with making a RESTful server app for my blog application.

– completed the Angular tutorial: tour of heroes, to get started with Angular.

The next two posts will be about Node and Angular respectfully. This post will be about MongoDB and the course completed.

So here it is:

I completed the third part of the course, as well as the exam, while on vacation. The third part was interesting and a little challenging at times. While the final exam was so easy, I had to double check my results to check there wasn’t a trick question.

The third part was about query operators and projection operators.  Specifically:

  • Comparison operators: like $gt, $lt, $eq, $ne
  • Element operators: $type, $exists
  • Logical operators: $and, $or
  • Array operators: $all, $size, $elemMatch
  • Evaluation operator: $regex

Overall the course was a very good overview of how to use MongoDB, Compass, and Atlas. I feel confident in and look forward to working with MongoDB for my future applications.