First thoughts

The Introduction

Today I’ve taken my first steps towards becoming a full stack developer.

I’ve been working with Unity as a mobile game developer for a few years and then had a year off from programming and working. Now I’m keen on expanding my skillset and finally killing that dragon that is web applications.

My goal is to have the skillset to create a mobile game with Unity that also has a supporting backend architecture. With support for user-accounts (cross device user states), game-settings, level and asset manipulation. As well as an administrative frontend to that backend. In addition I would like to have the skills to create a web game application that can integrate/interact with the mobile game. I would also like to expand my DevOps skills; continuous integration, automatic build process, automatic test process. I’m certain I will discover more fields of interest when i dive deeper into each part.

Web development has always been a bit of a riddle to me. It’s not complex as much as complicated. Understand and programming c++, java or c# seems much more straight forward to me. In web technology there seems to be a thousand frameworks and pathways, and there’s a huge issue about security. I have dabbled a bit in php, and javascript but never realised much. What has usually killed my attempts at web design has been graphics. It’s somehow immensely demotivating to have an idea and be stuck with programmer graphics. I guess that can also apply to game programming..

How to proceed?

I figure I will need a plan of attack. First off I have an idea of which technologies I would like to train.

For frontend:  React/redux, Angular JS, ASP.NET
For backend: NodeJS/Express, RubyOnRails, ASP.NET

I got to work a bit with ASP.NET at my former job, aside from that, the list is really an arbitrary collection of what seems popular when i google. I have to start somewhere!

To get familiar with these technologies my plan is to go one step at a time. Starting with some small projects and increasing the difficulty as I level up ­čśë I have considered taking an online course of some sort to ensure congruency┬á in my training, and perhaps to kickstart the training a bit, but first i need to get my hands a little dirty myself.

Here are some of the ideas I have:

  • Create a simple blog with a simple CMS.
  • Create a Web Application with user accounts.
  • Create a simple web application game.
  • Create a simple backend system for unity game.

I think I will start with the blog. It seems the simplest way to get started. I probably start with NodeJS as the backend. After creating the first application, it would be fun, and interesting to try and recreate it with a different tech. Thereby exploring the differences.

Well, this has been my first blog post. In wordpress because it turned out that I couldn’t learn web-technologies in a day. A good start, if you ask me.